Here is a new way

to thank your friends.

KOU, The Community Coin App
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We believe that rewards for friends,shall be more free.

We can still remember how we exchanged unusual shells we found at the seashore for 5 beautiful rocks or how we played shopping using lids of milk bottles. In one word as children we created our natural or freely chosen 'coin'. Therefore we believe that rewards for friends can be made not only in the form of money, but also using shells, rocks and milk bottle lids. When you make a new friend, when you want to express your gratitude, when you symphatize with one's idea, what you can also use to reward your friend is the 'community coin'.



  1. Create your own community

    Invite your friends and colleagues and create a community in KOU.

  2. Create your own 'coin'

    After you have your own community, next create the 'coin' which will be used in your community

  3. Use the 'coin'

    You already registered the coin? Then all preparations are ready, the only thing is left to use the 'coin'. How you use your own 'coin' is up to you and your creativity.


A clip of your everyday life, with KOU in it.


Then, how about creating your own way to reward your friends?


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Latest news, updates

and more about KOU and community coin.